Generate New Leads and Customers for Your Growing Business with Social Media


As a growing business, you already understand the importance of social media as part of your marketing strategy. But, you’ve also heard things like “social media will never get a business new customers,” “social media is only for keeping your current customers ‘in the know’’ and so on. Look, we’ve heard it all from our clients and we’re here to share with conviction that YES, social media does all of those things but a huge, new, and fascinating thing it provides now is, in fact, lead generation

So how exactly can we generate new leads and customers for your growing business with social media? Two words: Social Prospecting. Social Prospecting allows you to listen to social media conversations in order to generate leads for your business. This is far beyond monitoring keywords; it’s about engaging people that may or may not know what your business can do for them. The keyword here is “engaging”. The numbers game is no longer effective in the long-run. You must create and distribute enticing, quality posts to your potential customers in order to attract them to your website, learn more about you, become a customer, and potentially turn them into an advocate for your business.

Here’s a couple tips and tricks to get you started on the right path:

  1. Write down keywords associated with your business. (i.e., social media, inbound marketing, website design)
  2. Research the types of customers you’d like to target. (Are you focusing on a specific industry or type of buyer?)
  3. What are your potential customers interested in? Start engaging and joining in on the conversation in order to conduct some research.
  4. Share engaging content and analyze your findings.

These tips will get your juices flowing and get you started on generating leads for your business via social media. Take it a step further with our FREE Social Prospecting tool


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