How to Optimize Your Online Platforms to Attract Leads


Online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+ have changed the ways in which companies advertise, interact, and engage their clients and prospects. With these advances in online marketing, how does a business brand itself online in order to reach their target demographic, as well as stand out from their competitors and build brand equity?


One common mistake most companies make online is that their branding is inconsistent across their social platforms. If you are already familiar with social media best practices, check out our FREE Social Proscpecting e-book. A great way to immediately strengthen your company’s online presence is to review your social media pages and business directories for consistency. Make sure ALL of the information— as well as your company’s logo and images— is consistent across all pages and filled out in full completion; don’t skip steps! Not only will this assist prospects and clients in recognizing and understanding your brand, it will help you rank higher in the search engine results, building your brands SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Next, define a purpose for using social media. Is social media a tool with which you seek to educate your audience on your product or industry? Are you utilizing it to generate leads for your sales team? Or is social media simply to highlight your company culture and vision? Your answer should be all of the above. In order to engage your current and potential clients and customers online, all businesses must have these goals in mind and create and distribute content accordingly.


Once your content is ready to be published, figure out how to distribute that content and who you should be targeting your content toward online. This is called Social Prospecting. It’s a crucial element in finding your brand’s niche online. Take some time to research what other businesses in your industry are doing on their social media. Take notes on what worked, who’s engaging in those conversations, and how to match that with your brand. Follow the leader— keep it organic and relevant to whats working, not what isn’t. If you are interested in learning more about Social Prospecting download our FREE tool.


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Lastly, be flexible. Once you’ve started this new approach to social media, track how your profiles are doing through analytics. Sometimes it takes just a few adjustments to get things in line with your business’s goals. Pair that with research on social trends and platform updates and you’ll be unstoppable!


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